Shakes Vs. Whole Foods

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Shakes can definitely play a role in both the off-season and pre-contest. In the off-season, I usually have three shakes a day. I do a whey isolate right when I wake up and another one of those after my workouts. Those are both times when you want a protein source that gets into your system rapidly, because your body is depleted after a night of sleeping and again after training.

I also do a shake right before bed. That one has casein in it, which di-gests more slowly. Casein is ideal at that time, because you want the protein to sustain you and keep you in an anabolic state all night. Even when I’m dieting, I still keep the whey shakes in until about four or five weeks out. At that time with the show so near, I like to be more controlled with my food and fluid intake so I know precisely how much of everything I’m taking in.

Don’t worry about shakes unless you find yourself relying on them too much. If you are drinking more shakes than you are eating meals, that’s probably excessive and you need to rely more on whole food.

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