Lose Weight And Gain Muscle At The Same Time?

Johnnie Jackson Lifting

Normally, we attack each of those goals separately. There are a couple of situations when fat loss and muscle gain will happen, regardless of whether you’re aiming for this. The first example is beginners, and I would still put you in that category if you’ve been training for under a year. Another example is someone who has been out of training a long time and gets back into it. “Muscle memory” makes it much easier to regain muscle you already had, and muscle burns a lot of calories. The more muscle you have, the more calories you burn at rest.

The last situation will sound weird unless you’ve experienced it, but I typi-cally do put on muscle during the first half of a contest diet. I chalk that up to eating much more good, clean food and relying less on shakes. Many of us have the habit of not being as diligent about our eating in the off-season, so once we start dieting and take in more protein and clean carbs from solid food, it has an anabolic effect.

My advice would be to eat as clean as possible, but keep your protein high and take in plenty of good carbs— especially in your pre- and post-workout meals. I bet you will definitely put on more muscle and start leaning out. If that’s not doing the trick, kick in some cardio— 30 minutes after every weight-training workout.

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