Close-Grip Bench For Titanic Triceps

trisWhen I was a kid, my older brother, the late Willie Parker, showed me this exercise and told me it would not only get my triceps huge, but it would also help me bench press more weight. Boy, was he right on both counts! Weighted dips are also right up there, but I would rate the close-grip bench press even higher. Don’t take the meaning of the exercise too literally, though. I’ve seen some guys with their hands just a couple of inch-es apart on the bar. That will wreck your wrists, and it’s not a position where you’ll be able to handle much weight. There is no magic grip width number to follow, but you should be about a hand’s width closer on each side than shoulder width. For a guy of average arm length and shoulder width, that has your hands about a foot apart, but play around with it until you feel your triceps muscle fibers really firing. You can also try a reverse grip. Some guys feel their triceps working more on those.

Last tip: you can do these on chest day after chest, or else on a day you only train arms, as long as chest doesn’t fall the day before or after. You might get more out of them train-ing them fresh like that.

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